Tomatillo crusted turkey tenderloin picture

This is a turkey tenderloin (like a chicken tender but from a turkey breast) crusted with cumin then coated with tomatillo poblano salsa, pan seared and finished in the oven. It’s served over some saffron rice with tamarind lychee cream sauce and fresh orange pico de gallo.

Smoked pork confit picture

Smoked and roasted pork, shredded into a balsamic vinegar and beef stock reduction, served with creamy garlic polenta and sauteed fennel and red peppers.

My best chicken pot pie to date – picture

Here’s a chicken pot pie I made from scratch, with chunks of seared chicken breast, carrot, onion, tomato, fresh tyme and sage, and garlic all in a chicken base surrounded by a homemade puff pastry dough brushed with egg.

Fresh apple pie with flaky butter crust

I made this pie from fresh apples, and folded a LOT of cold butter into this crust to make it nice and flaky. I sprinkled some brown sugar on top to add some color and crunch.

Finished crab ravioli picture

After rolling out the dough and making the ravioli, I sauteed mushrooms with asparagus and red pepper, then tossed it with the crab ravioli and lemon butter. On top, there is some fresh shaved asiago and crab claw meat.

Crab stuffed homemade ravioli picture

The first step to making a great ravioli is a good dough. Use pure semolina flour and knead it for 10 minutes straight to work up the gluten in the flour. That gluten will help keep it from tearing so you can roll it thin.

Fresh orange teriyaki chicken picture

Pan seared chicken that was marinated in teriyaki sauce made with fresh orange juice, topped with fresh orange sections and served with steamed broccoli and sesame lo mein.

Eggplant and spinach soup picture

Fresh eggplant sauteed with white onion, carrots and garlic in a vegetable stock with spinach.

Homemade cherry pie picture

Here’s a cherry pie made from home grown cherries and a flaky butter crust with little puff pastry cherries I made for decoration.

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