Study links drinking fattier milk to lower weight

Are you wasting your time drinking low fat milk?


Fat Free Milk

Like a similar study released last year on kids, a new study found that low fat milk is associated with higher body fat compared with whole milk in adult males. Last year’s study caused the American Academy of Pediatrics to change the recommendations for giving children low fat milk to giving them whole milk. Whole milk also contains significantly more nutrients than low fat milk.

Fitness: Exercise addiction – Fitness – reports & trends from Maria Howard –

Thats right, “exercise addiction”. Here you go…

U.S. News enlists experts to rank 32 diets of 2014 –

Interesting information on health experts opinion on which diets are better for you…

Milk Proteins: Packing a Powerful Nutritional Punch | Today’s Dietitian

Today's Dietitian Cover - Milk Protein

Milk Proteins: Packing a Powerful Nutitional Punch

Here’s an article on the importance of milk proteins in the diet from Today’s Dietitian magazine.March 2013 Issue
Milk Proteins: Packing  a Powerful Nutritional Punch
By Karen Giles-Smith,  MS, RD Today’s Dietitian Vol. 15 No. 3 P. 26

Evidence shows  high-quality proteins, such as milk proteins, promote satiety, weight  maintenance, muscle synthesis, and blood glucose control.

For many years, nutrition professionals didn’t consider  protein a priority for most Americans. The thought was that most people…(read more on their site)


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How to cook meatloaf to reheat ¦ Friend That Cooks Blog


How to cook meatloaf to reheat ¦ Friend That Cooks Blog

Reheating meatloaf without making it dry

Cooking food to reheat can be tricky. If you have the resources, it canbe best left to the professionals. If you don’t have the resources to pay a personal chef to do your meal prep for you, follow these simple tips with your meatloaf to make sure it is still tender and juicy after you reheat it.

  • Leave it slightly undercooked – Notice the pink in the meatloaf above. Take 10 minutes or so off your regular cooking time to leave the meatloaf slightly pink in the center.
  • Don’t overcook when you reheat – When you reheat anything, you need to make sure it gets fully hot (over 160 degrees) to ensure any potential bacteria is dead, but don’t overdue it. Reheating it too long can dry out your meatloaf.
  • Cover it in the microwave or oven – Heating anything causes the moisture in it to evaporate. If you are reheating food that is supposed to be crisp, you don’t want to trap the moisture, but food like meatloaf is better when it is more moist so you’ll want to cover it with something to trap in that extra moisture.

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Women’s 8 Biggest Eating Mistakes | Healthy Living – Yahoo! Shine

From Woman’s Day magazine, here is an article about some of the common nutional mistakes women make with their meals on a daily basis, and some healthier alternatives…

Women’s 8 Biggest Eating Mistakes | Healthy Living – Yahoo! Shine.

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Harvard study finds flouride lowers IQ |

A Harvard study published in a US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences journal, Environmental Health Perspectives, found a relation between lower IQ levels and flouridated water. The article title states a “cause/effect” scenario that can’t really be determined from correlative evidence, (article authors are notorious for making the jump from “correlation” to “cause/effect”) but the study does raise some serious questions. Other studies have suggested links between flouride and bone cancer.

Read the Reuters article here:
Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ – Published in Federal Gov’t Journal

What kind of rice is healthiest? |

What type of rice is healthiest?

What type of rice is healthiest?

Good article on rice from

Which rice is healthiest for food consumption |

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